Valencia Essentials

In our tour “VALENCIA ESSENTIAL” you get to know the basic sightseeing of the old town of Valencia: a journey through 2,000 years of history where you will understand the essence of this city.

The Cathedral, the Silk Exchange, the Central Market, the Government Palace… are just some of the sights you see, but we also talk about legends, curiosities, anecdotes, gastronomy … discover the historical center of Valencia with us!


English and Spanish (a guide and group for each language)


It is very important that you arrive on time to the meeting point, at least 10 minutes before the starting time

If you’re late, we won’t guarantee that you will be able to join the group.


From October to March

Every morning at:
10:30am* (depends on the availability)

Saturday at 4:00pm


Every morning at 10:30am

Some Saturdays at 6:00pm

DURATION: 2h 15min.

Valencia Essentials

what we see

How to find us

Remember looking for the orange umbrella when you arrive to PLAZA DE LA VIRGEN

Plaza de la Virgen

We will discover the roman origin of ‘Valentia’ and every monument in this squaretribunal aguas

Water Court

Did you know we have the oldest justice court in Europe currently in use? It is listed as World Heritage by the UNESCO

Turia fountain

The most iconic fountain in the city that holds a special symbolism

Serranos gate

Monumental main entrance gate to the city, remaining from the medieval wall

Government palace

Impressive gothic style palace, headquarter to valencian political power

Central market

The jewel of Valencian modernism, temple of gastronomy. We go inside this beautiful market that leaves impressed all tourists

Silk Exchange

Symbol of the splendor of Valencia in the 15th century, and the importance of Valencia down in the Silk Road

Market square

Colorful buildings, ceramics, handcrafts, food … The Market Square has a picturesque environment difficult to overcome by other squares in the city

charming churches

Church of St. Johns has a curious baroque façade with more than one story to be told

Wandering through the old town

Not everything on this tour will be monuments. The market district holds surprises and picturesque places that we’ll be glad to tell you

Cathedral of Valencia

We will get to know the Cathedral and its three doorways, and of course its Bell Tower known as ‘El Miguelete’

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With the alternative tour STREET ART VALENCIA, you will discover “El Carmen“, a quarter where tradition and trendy shops mixed up in the most varied neighborhood in the city. Its history has its roots in the very conquest of Valencia in the thirteenth century. “El Carmen”, full of inspiring nooks and labyrinthine alleys inherited from Islamic urbanism, is a monumental and museum district, but also of nightlife, urban art and vanguard.

Street art will be our inseparable companion: we will meet the main artists (Valencian and international ones) who paint in El Carmen, and their work will help us to understand the district with more personality of Valencia.


English and Spanish (a guide and group for each language)



The tour runs on Monday and Thursday at 6pm (18:00h)

From October to March

The tour runs on Monday and Thursday at 4pm (16:00h)


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