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the singular life of Piovano Arlotto

Parish priest of the church of San Cresci in Macioli, near Pratolino, was famous for the stories he told, for the brazenness of his gestures and the veined malice of a breath -free spirit. A character loved by the people for his good – frankness natures, he was sometimes a problem for the bishop’s Curia, lined up at the time by Pio Antonino Pierozzi who tried to redeem him without success.

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The fruit of the bizarre a new fruit in Florence

In the ancient Villa della Torre degli Agli, Giovanni Panciatichi he created a splendid Italian garden for the Ozi. His main attraction was the citrus fruits that were grown both in pots and in full ground. Here the gardeners experimented with new crops so in 1644 a strange, bizarre fruit appeared in the form: it is the Citrus Aurantium “Bizzarria”, an agromo born from the crossroads between lemon, orange and cedar and so particular aspect to be considered bizarre. In fact, it presents itself Bitorzoluto and with longitudinal bands of different colors, from green to yellow and orange.

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Brunelleschi and its Peposo origin or leggend?

It is now a rather well-known dish, an authentic evergreen of Tuscan cuisine appreciated by residents and tourists. Those coming from outside, however, often do not imagine that Ser Filippo Brunelleschi was behind the birth of the Impruneta peposo and that the occasion was the construction of the dome of the Cathedral of Florence. For almost six hundred years, in fact, a legend has it that Filippo Brunelleschi used “peposo” to feed and heat his artisans who worked at the Santa Maria del Fiore factory.

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The best brunch in Florence

Love is the secret ingredient of the tastiest Cinnamon Roll in Florence. At first reading it could perhaps seem trivial, almost obvious, but that of Melaleuca is a (beautiful) story that makes love its cornerstone. That of a couple, Marco Cappellari and ChloƩ Guest, first of all: two entrepreneurs, Italian-American he and Australian Lei, who have chosen to become partners in life and also in work after a long series of work experiences in the catering sector/ Cafeteria between Australia and London.

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Fishing Lab, the Florence restaurant-museum

Walking through the center of Florence, one realizes that the Tuscan city is still immersed in that glorious past that makes it a prominent destination for lovers of culture. Located in via del Proconsolo, near Badia Fiorentina and Bargello, the place was the headquarters of the art of judges and notaries since the thirteenth century. However, as the archaeological remains in the basement show, the site would have been occupied by the Romans already in the first century. The first to notice the traces of the frescoes after many centuries, in 1880, was the Owner of the building that marked the works to the conservative commission of fine arts, but the restoration was finished only in 2004.

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Wine Excellence of Tuscany

Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 March, at the Leopolda station, the 22nd edition of “Excellence of Tuscany”, tasting of the best wines of the Grand Duchy will be held, there will be over 150 wine and oil producers and beer for over 800 labels, is organized by AIS Tuscany, with the patronage of the Tuscany Region, of Tuscany showcase with promotion Tuscany Tourist, of the Metropolitan City, of the Municipality of Florence and in collaboration with the Tuscany System Foundation.

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Best gelato makers of Florence and Tuscany

The best artisan ice cream shop in Tuscany is located in Florence, in Oltrarno, followed closely by another Florentine ice cream parlor, while on the third step of the podium are Sale Grosseto, Pisa, and San Gimignano: this is the map drawn up by Gambero Rosso in its guide to Gelaterias of Italy 2024. The whole ranking will be announced on March 24, in honor of Ice Cream Day, but in the meantime, the first advances of the eighth edition of the publication have been disclosed. The occasion was the Sigep of Rimini, one of our country’s most prominent salons in the pastry and coffee world.

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Special Pizza and Drinks party in Florence

Every month the indispensable appointment for quality fans of quality cuisine with a special themed dinner with tasting menu and wines in combination comes on time. The 2024 schedule could therefore only open up with an evening of taste at the Pizza & cuisine restaurant in Eataly. Thursday 25 January at 20:00, in via De Martelli 22/R – Just a stone’s throw from the Duomo, a dinner entirely dedicated to one of the most loved dishes in the world: pizza!

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Miracle’s broth of San Frediano

All this to introduce the famous Sanfrediano broth broth. What does the tripe broth have to do with it? It has to do … it has to do with why, the only antidote for the above was the nourishment. This black hole in the food space was soothed by the hand of a saint: San Brodo di Trippa. Why San Brodo di Trippa? Well … I am jokingly say this but, behind … behind it is not a great petty thing this definition, since, if we consider saint who has made miracles and given love for others during his life, I am not so much outside if I call saint A substance, which gave all this