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Whisky made in Florence

The art of distillation, as well as the prevalent European practice of distilling “aqua vitae,” spirit alcohol, mostly for therapeutic purposes, spread to Ireland and Scotland no later than the 15th century. Enrico Chioccioli Altonna, Master Distiller, finally exposes the big idea that has been fiercely concealed within the walls of the distillery between the hills of Tuscany for years. Their first whiskey will come in Florence soon, along with the new urban distillery.

Florence free tour
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Secrets Apartment in Palazzo Vecchio..

“The opening to citizens of historic spaces such as the apartment of the Governor Bettino Ricasoli and the rooms of Florence Capital is an extraordinary opportunity to connect with the history of the city. For this reason, we wanted to propose a calendar of events offering the opportunity to explore the political history of Florence through these often little-known rooms.