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Scoppio del carro in Florence

On the morning of Easter day the magic of the “outbreak of the wagon” is renewed. The “Brindellone”, the “fire” chariot escorted by 150 armed, musicians and flag -wavers of the historic procession of the Florentine Republic, moves from the square of the lawn, driven by two pairs of white Bovi Infiorati, and arrives in Piazza del Duomo, where it is placed in the space between the baptistery and the cathedral. Then, at the song of the “Gloria in Excelsis Deo”, fire is set to the fuse of the Colombina who, by hissing, goes to fire the mortgages and fireworks expertly arranged on the cart.

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Big secrets door back to the Uffizi Gallery

Now we want tell something about a place were people and tourist probably walk in front. On via Lambertesca at n.4, in the direction of the Uffizi square, we passed in front of the large green color door, and we wondered .. but what will it be inside? Soon said, what remains and we can see currently consisted of various home belonging to the Pulci family, these finding themselves very close to the large complex of the new pole of the city power, were acquired for the new structure used for the mint, very important for coining of the coins.

Florence free tour
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Romeo and Juliet the true story

Udine, February 26, 1511 Carnival day. At Palazzo Savorgnan a masked dance takes place and between Lucina Savorgnan, 15 years old and Luigi da Porto was love at first sight. The nobility and the population were divided between Zamberlani and Strumieri, with the first ones who headed the Savorgnan family who aimed to transform Friuli into a lordship under their control and the seconds that grouped various local nobility supported by the Austrian empire. In Udine, a bloody revolt broke out remembered as the “cruel Thursday fat” which will involve, contrasting them, two branches of the Savorgnan family, the of the Monte and the of the Torre.

Florence free tour
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Gianbologna Centaurus

Once upon a time there was a centaur named Nesso and travelers tragled the travelers on the Evento or Licorma river (Greek region of the Etolia). Heracles, heading to Trachis with his family, entrusted him with Deianira but Nesso tried to rape her and Heracles killed him with a poisoned arrow dipped in the blood of the Idra di Lerna. A Flemish sculptor named Jean De Boulogne aka Giambologna around 1598 sculpted one of his many masterpieces with great skill, the marble group of Hercules and the Centaur Nesso. The work of great emotional impact certainly proposes forms and styles different from the classic models , resuming Michelangeioleschi motifs, but with a strong sense of dynamism. In 1599 he was placed on the song of the Carnesecchi formed by the quadrivio composed of via Rondinelli, via Cerretani, via Panzani and via dei Banchi. And it is in this place that the marble group of Giambologna creates a real fulcrum of the area so much so that the adjacent palace took the name of Centauro also known as the Palazzo delle Cento Windows.

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Wine Excellence of Tuscany

Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 March, at the Leopolda station, the 22nd edition of “Excellence of Tuscany”, tasting of the best wines of the Grand Duchy will be held, there will be over 150 wine and oil producers and beer for over 800 labels, is organized by AIS Tuscany, with the patronage of the Tuscany Region, of Tuscany showcase with promotion Tuscany Tourist, of the Metropolitan City, of the Municipality of Florence and in collaboration with the Tuscany System Foundation.

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Royal Postal Office becoming a restaurant

The royalty placed after three and a half years of accurate restorations are reborn. The nineteenth -century environments of the royalty placed on the ground floor of the Vasarian complex and behind the Loggia dei Lanzi, are ready to host the Uffizi restaurant. The announcement is on the launch pad, the menu already defined. While waiting to know the name of the chef, the end of the restorations was celebrated in the presence of the Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano.