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Food Tradition

Crespelle di Caterina De Medici

t is said that this recipe was born in the time of Catherine de’ Medici, when she married Henry II, king of France. We know that our Caterina “was a glutton” and even if there is no certainty that these delicious crepes were her idea, we can also believe it and fantasize about it.

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Brunelleschi and its Peposo origin or leggend?

It is now a rather well-known dish, an authentic evergreen of Tuscan cuisine appreciated by residents and tourists. Those coming from outside, however, often do not imagine that Ser Filippo Brunelleschi was behind the birth of the Impruneta peposo and that the occasion was the construction of the dome of the Cathedral of Florence. For almost six hundred years, in fact, a legend has it that Filippo Brunelleschi used “peposo” to feed and heat his artisans who worked at the Santa Maria del Fiore factory.

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Leonado da Vinci and its secret

he great Leonardo, an absolute genius in many fields, from artistic to the scientific, was a man with great inventiveness, and all the drawings he left us and who, after centuries, are still current and often used, demonstrate it. But Leonardo was not only this: Leonardo loved good cuisine and loved to show off his culinary skills, even if he often did not meet the consent of his diners!

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The best brunch in Florence

Love is the secret ingredient of the tastiest Cinnamon Roll in Florence. At first reading it could perhaps seem trivial, almost obvious, but that of Melaleuca is a (beautiful) story that makes love its cornerstone. That of a couple, Marco Cappellari and ChloƩ Guest, first of all: two entrepreneurs, Italian-American he and Australian Lei, who have chosen to become partners in life and also in work after a long series of work experiences in the catering sector/ Cafeteria between Australia and London.

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8 March Women Holiday…

Many movements, such as the American National American Woman Suffrage Association, that sought to grant women the right to vote and ensure greater participation in political life were born in the Anglossassone world between the second half of the nineteenth century and the early twentieth century, particularly in that region. or the Women’s Social and Political Union, headed by Emmeline Pankhurst, and the British National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies, led by Millicent Garrett Fawcett.

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Fishing Lab, the Florence restaurant-museum

Walking through the center of Florence, one realizes that the Tuscan city is still immersed in that glorious past that makes it a prominent destination for lovers of culture. Located in via del Proconsolo, near Badia Fiorentina and Bargello, the place was the headquarters of the art of judges and notaries since the thirteenth century. However, as the archaeological remains in the basement show, the site would have been occupied by the Romans already in the first century. The first to notice the traces of the frescoes after many centuries, in 1880, was the Owner of the building that marked the works to the conservative commission of fine arts, but the restoration was finished only in 2004.

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Wine Excellence of Tuscany

Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 March, at the Leopolda station, the 22nd edition of “Excellence of Tuscany”, tasting of the best wines of the Grand Duchy will be held, there will be over 150 wine and oil producers and beer for over 800 labels, is organized by AIS Tuscany, with the patronage of the Tuscany Region, of Tuscany showcase with promotion Tuscany Tourist, of the Metropolitan City, of the Municipality of Florence and in collaboration with the Tuscany System Foundation.

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Royal Postal Office becoming a restaurant

The royalty placed after three and a half years of accurate restorations are reborn. The nineteenth -century environments of the royalty placed on the ground floor of the Vasarian complex and behind the Loggia dei Lanzi, are ready to host the Uffizi restaurant. The announcement is on the launch pad, the menu already defined. While waiting to know the name of the chef, the end of the restorations was celebrated in the presence of the Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano.

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Breakfast at the Museum – The shops of science

At the Museum of Scanza Galileo Galilei, the exhibition of the artisans of Florence continues throughout the month of February and March. All weekends will be the practical exhibition, school of Florentine artisans. Activities aimed at young people and adults, focused on the recovery of the memory of ancient artisan techniques.

During the workshops – lasting about 90 minutes – the participants will attend practical demonstrations and at the end they will receive a useful guide to be able to repeat the activities carried out independently. The meeting for the booked is at 10.30 am at the ticket office. Before starting the activity, the museum will offer participants a tasty breakfast provided by the Caffetteria del Grano, Piazza del Grano 4, Florence, thanks to the support of Opera Laboratories Florentine.