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The Legged of Ginevra Almieri’ Resurrection

Halloween, night of witches and ghosts: waiting for October 31, we tell you one of the most frightening stories of the cradle of the Renaissance, which features Geneva of Almieri protagonist, remembered as “the woman who lived twice”. The story tells of Ginevra Almieri daughter of a rich Florentine merchant who decided to marry her to the son of a wealthy merchant with whom he often made commercial relations, Francesco Agolanti.Unfortunately, the young Geneva was in love with another young Florentine merchant Antonio Rondinelli.

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Halloween in Florence 2023, what to do?

The Halloween 2023 events in Florence are all creepy: the most “Granicelli or Older” can attend disco parties, children can participate in initiatives, workshops, and magic shows, and in the province this year there is also a horror castle and a pumpkin field where you can choose the perfect vegetable to be carved. Whether it’s a terrifying race or an evening of electronic music, many sections of the city reveal their dark side for one night only. Although the program is still being developed, many initiatives have already been announced. So, here’s what to do on October 31 in Florence and its environs:

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The best 12 things to see in Barcellona in 2023

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan, vibrant, modern city with a rich architectural history. There are now seven monuments on the Unesco list that were designed by the famous architect Antonio Gaud. Passing through the cobblestone streets of the historic core, along the waterfront, and through the green spaces, you’ll discover how the city has managed to draw the best from its past in order to integrate it with the present and the future in the service of innovation.

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Is Florence a Walkable City?

Florence, Italy streets are some of the most Instagrammed streets in the world. And it’s easy to see why. From the breathtaking architecture, eclectic art galleries, and vibrant piazzas to the romantic boutiques and historic landmarks, this Tuscan city is rich in culture and has unique views around every corner. But is Florence walkable? Time Out recently ranked it the number one most walkable city in Europe.

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The executioner Francesco

Master Francesco known as “the executioner of Florence” was a famous executioner who worked in Florence during the Renaissance. Although the name “executioner” was generally associated with a feared and often hated figure, Master Francesco was known to be a respected and trusted figure within the city. Mastro Francesco is most famous for having carried out some of the most important executions throughout Florentine history, including some of the death sentences of famous historical figures. One of the most famous executions was that of the preacher and friar Domenico da Pescia in 1498, together with Girolamo Savonarola and his followers.

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The Executioner House

The role of the Executioner was necessary prior to the abolition of torture and the execution punishment in 1786.
He was a shadowy figure, a professional assassin.
The State had given the Boia Fiorentino a house, a vegetable garden, and a horse. Because it was considered impure, the residence had to be placed outside the city walls or at the outskirts of Florence, in an area isolated from other residences.