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Is Fiesole only a lookout point for Florence?

-Certainly not. In fact, in addition to having a spectacular view of Florence, Faesulae is rich in history, art, nature, and cuisine and wine. However, the term “Belvedere of Florence” is suitable in the end… read on to find out why. In this little guide, we selected 5 panoramic, Fiesolan, and public viewpoints where you may sit and admire the surrounding valleys.

Panorama convent of San Francesco

San Francesco Convent Panorama The terrace next to the Franciscan convent is without a doubt the most stunning and well-known panorama point. This location, located on top of Monte San Francesco and capable of intercepting hundreds of visitors every day, is elevated in comparison to Piazza Mino. As a result, in addition to the view of Florence, you may catch a sight of the bell tower and cathedral of San Romolo.

The heavenly Belvedere via Fra ‘Giovanni da Fiesole

The view from the Angelico bench in via Fra Giovanni da Fiesole. Going up via Fra Giovanni known as the Angelico, there is a little inlet obtained between the stone wall and the mountainous declivio at a given point. Two shaded benches offer respite to all passers-by in this location of convergence between the country and the countryside. In other words, this terrace appears to be intended for all those who pass by here on foot or by bike and require a brief rest before the final sprint.

The Queen’s throne

The queen’s bench (or “the queen of benches”) is located at the summit of Via Vecchia Fiesolana. Its unique history is part of the 19th century Fiesolano background, when the city was home to numerous representatives of the British aristocracy. It was named for Queen Vittoria of England and is also known as the British bench. During his summer vacation at Villa Palmieri in 1888, the sovereign considered this bench to be his favorite Fiesole site.

Montececeri’s Benches

There are two wooden benches overlooking a bit of heaven and earth inside the Montececeri forest of holm oaks and cypresses, along the curve that goes from the entrance of via degli Scalpellini to Cava Braschi. Because of the utter silence in this locus amoenus, time appears to synchronize with the rustle of the leaves and the space adjusting to the forms of nature. Indeed, Montececeri may be the ideal destination for lonely readers as well as those seeking solitude, tranquillity, and meditation.

Bargellino’s Gardens

Finally, our guide’s final panorama point is a garden near the Tabernacle of the Bargellino. Unlike the previous four occurrences, the hilly side this time views the Mugnone valley rather than the Valle dell’Arno. So, while the metropolitan region of Florence can be seen on the other side, the scene on this side is completely different, sweeter and more rustic.
Benches close to the Bargellino.

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