Train Barceloma Tome
Train Barcelona Roma

It is the year’s biggest novelty, a new connection that will undoubtedly delight the young: it will soon be possible to go by rail at night to Barcelona, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities (and with an unrivaled nightlife!). The Nightjet railway company, which currently operates in our nation, is also planning to open the Rome-Barcelona route, thereby expanding its market. It is a fantastic opportunity for everybody who adores Spain and its lovely art cities, as well as those who have yet to explore its splendors.

What information do we have regarding the new Nightjet train? First and foremost, the scheduled departure date: December 2024, so we should still remain patient. The plan appears to be extremely convoluted, as Barcelona will only be the final leg, accessible from 13 other European cities. The first phase began in 2021 with the construction of two lines connecting Vienna and Monaco on one side and Zurich, Cologne, and Amsterdam on the other. Zurich and Rome were fully connected in 2022 – with an intermediate stop in Milan – and lines connecting Vienna and Berlin with Brussels and Paris began in 2023.

There is no shortage of options in Barcelona for discovering the Spanish treasure while traveling in comfort. Nightjet trains will be able to carry up to 254 passengers, with wagons divided into single cabins, families for families, bunk beds, and traditional seats. In brief, you can travel in comfort and privacy: the beauty is simply being able to relax in the race, so that you arrive at your destination after a lovely night of sleep, ready to start having fun right away.

Why should you travel with Nightjet?

Nightjet night trains are already a huge success in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, and Switzerland (along with the upcoming novelty, Spain). You reach speeds of more than 200 km/h, a good cruise speed that allows you to get at your destination quickly. And, as previously stated, the thought of traveling during the night hours so that you can sleep and not miss even a single business of a holiday is surely appealing – as well as really pleasant.

Finally, traveling by train is regaining popularity, and not just because it allows you to have a magnificent experience even before arriving at your destination. It is, in reality, a more environmentally friendly way to travel on short and medium distances, far more sustainable than flying. And, with luck, it is not difficult to save money on the ticket, given, among other things, that there are no strict luggage size requirements to be met.

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