Florence Free Tour

In the heart of Florence, narrow in the streets that pulsate with history and secrets, there is via dell’ Inferno, ” Hell street ” an alley that many passers -by cross without noticing, distracted by the surrounding beauty of the city. However, this place hides a forgotten story, a plot that is intertwined with the fate of those who dared to travel it after sunset. It is said that centuries ago, via dell’ Inferno was the favorite passage from a mysterious character known as the craftsman of the shadows. Little was known about him, except that his creations were of such an extraordinary beauty as to seem forged in dreams. But the craftsman kept a secret: every night, under the veil of darkness, disappeared in that street, bringing with him his most precious works.

Who lived among the shadows of via dell’ Inferno. In exchange for his soul, he was granted an unparalleled talent, capable of instilling life in inert matter. Thus, at night, the craftsman brought his creations into that road, where the dancing shadows transformed them into animated works, with a breath of their own life. For years, the craftsman of the shadows lived in this way, admired and envied by everyone, but increasingly alone and tormented by the weight of his secret. His soul was linked to via dell’ Inferno, and every work he created approached him more and more to the definitive loss of himself. One night, the craftsman disappeared, leaving only his works behind him, who are still sought by collectors from all over the world today. It is said that those who walk through via the hell after sunset can still feel the sound of their tools at work, or glimpse the shadow of a man who brings with him the fruits of his inauspicious pact.

Via dell’ Inferno has therefore become more than a simple alley in the urban fabric of Florence; It is the place where beauty and talent clash with the dark price to pay, a reminder that each gift has its cost, and that some roads, once taken, can bring much further away than you can imagine. If you like this story come with us to discover other streets and square, with many unique stories and anecdotes. We are running a Florence Free Walking Tour that start from Santa Maria Novella square, our meeting point is in front of Minerva Hotel, please book in advance your tour.