Train Barceloma Tome

We are not at the 9 ¾ track and this is not the Hogwarts Express. We are in Florence in the Santa Maria Novella station and this is the Befana train. A real steam train like the one on which Harry Potter on to reach the most famous magic school in the world. It is a tradition that has lasted for 31 years! The historical convoy with steam traction is directed to San Piero a Sieve in Mugello, will return in the afternoon here in Florence at 16:58, creating a ring of over 60 km, passing through Pontassieve, Dicomani, Vicchio, and Borgo San Lorenzo. The carriages called “Centoporte” are pulled by a steam locomotive of the 1920s still in service and used for historical trains and cinematographic needs. You travel as once, on perfectly restored original cars where even the original radiators of the heating system are fed with the steam produced by the locomotive. On the train you live an ex -exemption from other times, and there is no shortage of surprises.

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