Florence free Tour
Florence Free Tour
View of Florence skyline from top view in Italy

Twelve million euros for 450 square meters, with a 70 square meter panoramic patio. Their pay per square meter is almost 27,000 euros. We are in Florence, in the Palazzo Portinari Salviati on the Via del Corso, where Dante Alighieri is rumored to have met Beatrice, but the price is more than that of an apartment on the île Saint-Louis, in the middle of the Senna, in the heart of Paris. Enjoy an amazing view of the Brunelleschi dome and the Torre di Arnolfo from the panoramic terrace. Which would you rather see: the Sacre-Coeur of Montmartre or the Eiffel Tower?

With the boom of Airbnb in Florence, this beautiful city now look like more a Disneyland for adult, in the downtown today we have more and less then 14000 apartment where tourist can stay for one night or more. For this reason line in many other city all around the world the price of apartments are get so high.

However if you want discover the city of Florence properly come with us, our free tour is totally free also for people that can pay 12 million of euro for an apartment. We are starting our Florence Free Tour from Santa Maria Novella square, meeting point in front of Minerva hotel, where from the roof bar you have a very fantastic view at the price of a drink.