Florence Free Tour

Now we want tell something about a place were people and tourist probably walk in front. On via Lambertesca at n.4, in the direction of the Uffizi square, we passed in front of the large green color door, and we wondered .. but what will it be inside? Soon said, what remains and we can see currently consisted of various home belonging to the Pulci family, these finding themselves very close to the large complex of the new pole of the city power, were acquired for the new structure used for the mint, very important for coining of the coins.

After a certain period the mint, for various reasons it was decentralized towards the walls placed east and precisely where there was the “terminal” tower placed angularly for the control of the Arno river (Torre della Zecca). The place remained in time a large environment so much so that it was used as a deposit of the various products that were processed in the Follonica foundry called La Magona Granducale. A part of the building or the one on the side of the Chiasso de’Baroncelli was granted to the arts of the blacksmiths, the masters of stone and the socks. Now the building is occupied by the offices of the Superintendency.

If you like to know more about particularly tings about Florence come with us. We are running a tour that is totally free, our Florence free tour that start from Santa Maria Novella square, in front of Minerva Hotel. Come and enjoy with us in our tour where you have the possibility to discover several of this secrets of Florence, and its beauty.