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Piazza della Signoria was the subject of various excavation campaigns. In the square between Palazzo Uguccioni and the door of the customs of Palazzo Vecchio, several medieval buildings were found, including a large foundation of a home home with well. Perhaps we do not realize that in Piazza Signoria it was dotted with several-twitting houses belonging to various Ghibelline families including the largest one belonging to the Uberti family.

Most likely this found structure belonged to the great consortium of the Uberti, so much so that stratigraphic relationships indicate the reduction compared to the surrounding buildings. The circular well is interesting, almost ten meters deeply built with the Alberese stone that was extracted from the various quarries that were located in the areas adjacent to Florence (Scandicci, Galluzzo, slab in Signa, Grassina).

Since at the time there were no bins, the materials such as food, ceramics and other genres were thrown into disused wells near the dwellings. Also in this case when the tower was abandoned and then destroyed the well was used as a discharge. Inside, various types of ceramic have been found which attest to the fourteenth century, such as mugs with high collar and other shapes for the conservation of cereals or liquids such as “woodcock” orci a sort of spout to encourage the leakage of the liquid .

Given the compliance of the remains of the large building, it is very likely that the structure was composed of a tower flanked by a structure perhaps used as a actual home. The total destruction of the various structures of the Ghibelline families allowed what has become Piazza Signoria over the centuries with the large Palazzo Vecchio.

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