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A secret room under the Lanzi lodge

Thus the major advice of the Signoria deliberates the construction of a public loggia: it is the Loggia dei Priori better known with the Loggia dei Lanzi or the orcagna. Before building the loggia there was an environment where some lions symbol par excellence of the city of Fiorenza were kept in captivity, subsequently everything was turned with enormous pillars in order to support the real loggia.

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A curiosity about Florence

Walking in via Lambertesca in ancient times via dei Gherardini we arrive at the corner of the Chiasso del Buco, where we can see some remains of the residence of the art of the corrections (he framed all the craftsmen who packaged straders, shields, crossbows and anything else of leather served for use military). Above the Matassini jewelry shop, we will notice the remains of the ancient architrave adorned with four shields, the first of the people of Florence and the last of the Guelph part are of the era of the original construction (late 14th century), while those of the doctors and Pistoia are sixteenth -century.

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The Oldest Hospital in the world

Marin Luther himself had written … “They are built with gift buildings, excellent foods and drinks are within everyone’s reach, the servants are very diligent, the doctors, the beds and the clothes are very clean, and the painted beds. As soon as a Sick is stripped of all the clothes […] a white shirt is put on him, he puts him in a nice painted bed, pure silk sheets. Immediately afterwards two doctors are conducted […] ; you need the poor and then they return home […].

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Simonetta the beauty of Renaissance time

It seems that at his time, Simonetta Vespucci, born Cattaneo, was so beautiful and fascinating as to be nicknamed “the without comparison”.

Born in Genoa or Portovenere perhaps in 1453, fifteen years old married the same age Marco, a distant cousin of the most famous Navigator Amerigo Vespucci, and Giuse in Florence while the power of the lordship was in the hands of the family of the Medici. Although Giuliano de ‘Medici, Lorenzo’s younger brother, was already struck by his beauty and seems to be already married and it seems that after his premature death, Giuliano no longer loved any other woman.

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The best brunch in Florence

Love is the secret ingredient of the tastiest Cinnamon Roll in Florence. At first reading it could perhaps seem trivial, almost obvious, but that of Melaleuca is a (beautiful) story that makes love its cornerstone. That of a couple, Marco Cappellari and Chloé Guest, first of all: two entrepreneurs, Italian-American he and Australian Lei, who have chosen to become partners in life and also in work after a long series of work experiences in the catering sector/ Cafeteria between Australia and London.