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Bischero is an adjective that only we in Florence have and we can decline it in various ways, depending on the use we want to make of it. Little joker, little joker, little joker, little joker.

On the corner between Piazza Duomo and Via dell’Oriolo there is the “canto dei bischeri”, one of the many songs of Florence. Were we trying to pay homage to the idiot, in short, the idiot? No, we wanted to pay homage to the noble Bischeri family, an ancient and rich Florentine family, who honored the city with four standard bearers and fifteen priors.

The story also says that they opposed the sale of houses and land they owned in the area where the apse of Santa Maria del Fiore would have been built but by doing so they annoyed the authorities who proceeded to expropriate them and so the Bischeris did not get a penny.

Others claim that their properties were destroyed by fire and therefore they earned nothing, others bring up loans made by the family to foreign rulers, which were never repaid. In short, as they say, they made a fool of themselves, with a lowercase b. However, on the side of the Cathedral, near the bell tower door, a plaque commemorates them.

If you are interested to discovers some anecdote and original sotoryes and legends of florence come with us. We are running a Free Tour from Santa Maria Novella square. out Florence Free Tour starts in front of Minerva Hotel. Pleas book in advance your tour.