Florence Free Tour

Last time we spoke about things to do and see in Florence in one day, now with this article we want to give a tips from locals about the sconce day in town.

Day 2: New Light on the Renaissance

To escape the throng and be under Michelangelo’s David’s gaze, get to the Accademia Gallery early. Explore the remaining hallways to witness a magnificent assemblage of Renaissance artwork.


Try a Lampredotto sandwich for street cuisine. It’s a tripe stand close at a “Trippaio,” or specialty of Florence.

In the afternoon

Visit the Boboli Gardens as a diversion from museums. The sculptures in this historical park, which spans the 16th through the 18th centuries, are housed in an outdoor museum.


Savor the tastes of Tuscany while enjoying a glass of Chianti wine at a neighborhood osteria. Enjoy a gelato in the Piazza dellaRepubblica while you watch street performers to cap off your evening.

If you enjoyed in this article and also in the information, suggestion that our local tour guide are giving you, please come with us to our Florence Free Tour.