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Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 March, at the Leopolda station, the 22nd edition of “Excellence of Tuscany”, tasting of the best wines of the Grand Duchy will be held, there will be over 150 wine and oil producers and beer for over 800 labels, is organized by AIS Tuscany, with the patronage of the Tuscany Region, of Tuscany showcase with promotion Tuscany Tourist, of the Metropolitan City, of the Municipality of Florence and in collaboration with the Tuscany System Foundation.

Excellence of Tuscany

“The Excellence of Tuscany” is an event of the Italian Sommelier Tuscan Association that highlights and enhances the unparalleled quality of the wine excellence of Tuscany. The event represents the evolution of a project that, since its inception, has established itself as the main showcase of the excellence of wine and oil, in this edition for the first time we will have an area dedicated to the artisan breweries of Tuscany, we will put In light the indissoluble link with the territory, the stories of the producers and the comparison with the profession of the sommelier for the fundamental and authoritative role that it plays in the spread of the culture of wine, oil and beer.