Florence Free Tour

Walking through the center of Florence, one realizes that the Tuscan city is still immersed in that glorious past that makes it a prominent destination for lovers of culture. Located in via del Proconsolo, near Badia Fiorentina and Bargello, the place was the headquarters of the art of judges and notaries since the thirteenth century. However, as the archaeological remains in the basement show, the site would have been occupied by the Romans already in the first century. The first to notice the traces of the frescoes after many centuries, in 1880, was the Owner of the building that marked the works to the conservative commission of fine arts, but the restoration was finished only in 2004.

It was then that the precious cycle of frescoes came to light. The frescoes cover the vaults and lunettes of the restaurant and are accessible to both restaurant customers and tourists. At the center of the frescoed vault stands out the representation of Florence in its institutional structure. The representation is ideally enclosed in the walls of Florence where the towers stand out.

Here you will find archaeological excavations that lead to the place where the wool was produced in the Roman Florentia of the first century. Not bad for a restaurant that reinterprets fish cuisine in a lively and innovative way.

If you want know more about some secrets of Florence, you could contact us, we are running a free tour that start from Santa Maria Novella square. Our Florence free tour is made by Florentine official tour guide of Florence, our meeting point is in front of Minerva Hotel, pleas make a booking in advance.

Our guide are very happy to share their knowledge about our beautiful city and answer at all your question about the tow and also they will give some tips about restaurant and location.