Florence Free Tour

Patron Saint: Since the early days of Christianity, Florence has honored St. John the Baptist as its patron saint. He was an appropriate guardian for a city aiming for spiritual and cultural revitalization because of his functions as a prophet and baptizer.
Historical Significance: In the sixth century, Florence replaced the heathen deity Mars as its patron saint by appointing St. John.

Religious festivities: The day begins with religious festivities, which include a special mass at the Baptistery of St. John and the Florence Cathedral (Santa Maria del Fiore). Residents and city authorities attend these festivities.

Historical Parade: The “Corteo Storico,” a large historical procession, travels through the city’s streets. In order to represent different historical people and guilds, participants dress in medieval and Renaissance clothing. The procession, which represents Florence’s rich cultural and historical legacy, begins at the Palazzo Vecchio and concludes at the Baptistery.

Calcio Storico: The championship game of this age-old, intensely physical sport that blends soccer, rugby, and wrestling is a highlight of the celebrations. In Piazza Santa Croce, teams from Florence’s four ancient districts—Santa Croce, Santa Maria Novella, Santo Spirito, and San Giovanni—compete ferociously.

Fireworks Show: A breathtaking fireworks show over the Arno River caps off the day. This spectacle, called the “Fochi di San Giovanni,” is much awaited and offers a vibrant end to the day’s festivities.