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In Florence there are several traditional plates that people can try, here two suggestion from our local guide.


Hearty Tuscan soup, rigoleta, is a mainstay at the Florence Food Market. This comforting dish, which is made with stale bread, beans, and veggies, is perfect for chilly days.

Try a few different vendors’ interpretations of this meal to see which you like most. For people with specific dietary requirements, there are additional options for vegetarians and vegans.


A traditional Florentine delicacy, lampredotto is created from a cow’s fourth stomach. Although it doesn’t seem very good, this street food is rather popular at Florence Food.

After being tenderized by boiling it in a mixture of herbs and spices, the meat is served with salsa verde, a zesty green sauce, over a crusty bun. It’s worth eating this unusual meal to get a taste of the regional tastes, however it might not be for everyone.

Our suggestion is to try the Lanpredotto sandwich next to the Trippaio del Porcellino.