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Come discover the world of Italian cocktails and aperitifs with us, and discover how to add a touch of Italy to your next get-together. Continue reading to find out more.


Among the numerous easily made Italian alcoholic beverages is the Americano. Sweet vermouth, Campari, and a dash of club soda are all you need. You can make a cocktail that looks as wonderful as it tastes by combining these.

It is often served in a tall glass with ice and optional garnishes of an orange slice or a twist of lemon for taste. Because they are not as strong as some other Italian beverages, they are ideal for sipping on a hot day or as a calm start to the evening. Italy is known for its tasty and well-balanced drinks, which are ideal for a leisurely happy hour.

Our suggestion is going to Rifrullo, Via di San Niccolò, 55 R, Florence,

Whisky Sunset Sip

A great cocktail called the whiskey Sunset Sip combines whiskey with a little orange juice and grenadine. The whiskey, orange juice, and grenadine combine to create a visually striking cocktail that resembles a sunset.

To prepare it, fill an ice-filled tumbler with whiskey and orange juice. Next, add the grenadine gradually. In order to combine with the other ingredients and produce a stunning color effect, the grenadine will first sink and then gradually rise.

This beverage has a pleasant, fruity flavor that’s ideal for beginning or finishing the day. To make it look even more appetizing, garnish it with a slice of orange.

Use an Italian-made whiskey to add even more distinctive touches. It offers a hint of genuineness and Italian charm.