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Ever wished you could experience the Italian wind without having to leave your house?

A sip of Italy’s renowned happy hour may transport you directly to the busy streets of Rome or the Amalfi Coast. Italian happy hours combine sophisticated tastes with a sense of relaxation to create a memorable experience, also you can have this experience in Florence too.

Come discover the world of Italian cocktails and aperitifs with us, and discover how to add a touch of Italy to your next get-together. Continue reading to find out more.

Aperitif Spritz

Prosecco, a dash of soda water, and Aperol are combined to form this cocktail. This delightful beverage has a vivid orange color and a somewhat sweet and bitter flavor. It is served in a large wine glass with a wedge of orange and loads of ice.

Due to its lightness and fizz, it is highly favored in Italy and is ideal for a warm afternoon drink. Before supper, many indulge in it to stimulate their taste senses.


A well-known Italian drink called the Negroni combines equal parts gin, vermouth rosso (a red wine variety), and Campari (a liqueur). It is distinguished by its intense crimson hue and flavor, which combines bitter and sweet notes. Serve it in an old-fashioned glass on the rocks and top with a slice or peel of orange.

Because of its strength and boldness, this drink is a fantastic option for people who want something a little stronger before dinner. It’s also regarded as a classic beverage, beloved by many for both its distinct taste and background.

Our suggestion is to go at Giacosa 1815 were was invented by the Duke Camillo Negroni.