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Following S. Maria to Ponte Vecchio, we come onto one of Florence’s oldest houses: the bigoncia, also called bigonciola, which is also the name of the Ghibellina degli Amidei family, a prominent Florentine family.

One of the around 150 still-existing “Bigoncia” (a wooden container shaped like a trunk and used to carry grapes) that was present in Florence. Its name came from the tower’s extensive canopy, which covered it to the point that, despite its height, it appeared more toilet-like than the others. The tower dates back to 1241 and belonged to the Ghibelline family of the Amidei.

Middle Ages, with traditional filate masonry that displays the cut in orderly rows of natural stones. based on alternative readings). Por Santa Maria, the route where the tower is located, was damaged during the German withdrawal in August 1944, yet it and the Baldovinetti Tower still survive despite the horrific explosion. Only a head—destroyed or—was discovered among the piles of debris; sadly, we will never know.