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Palazzo Pasqui, a structure at the intersection of Via Bufalini and Via dei Servi, was undoubtedly a significant location in Florentine history. Trentaci, a fourth building with opulent arches that are associated with substantial foundations that were once utilized as stores by renowned painters like Benedetto da Maiano, Leonardo del Tasso, and Jacopo Chimenti (also known as Empoli). The Garzoni were housed on the upper level with the little square windows, where they had to be accessible to consumers at all times.

It is well known that Florence, like the puffs on the agenda, has always been a lighthearted and ready to joke kind of city. During the sixteenth century, this structure served as the headquarters of the well-known casino dei Ciondoli (the translation is pendant ), a gathering place for the “fancazzisti” of the day who enjoyed throwing the most outlandish parties for the underprivileged.

Who knows if Piero Germi’s concepts, as directed by Mario Monicelli, were influenced by the “Casino dei Condoli”? Certainly, the humorous remarks—sometimes even “pushed”—will have been influenced by such circumstances that are ingrained in the culture of the Florentine people.

This is the origin of Amici Miei,” My Friends” cult movie for Italian during 1975 to our time with many jokes, at Florentine.