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Wine, maybe the lifeblood of the land, is one of our region’s signature goods that is recognized and loved worldwide. The sixteenth century is credited with giving this beverage its fame that dates back centuries.

The Dominican Giovanni Nanni narrative, told by Annio da Viterbo, was greatly enhanced by the Grand Duke Cosimo I de Medici, who recognized one of the main agricultural pursuits and posed a single question: “Where did Noah go after leaving the ark?”

In particular, tradition desired that Noah be the first person in Europe to plant screws and create wine, therefore the response to the question was: Noah who left the ark traveled to Tuscany.

Cosimo The wine that descended from Noah could only be exceptional for the first wine created in Europe, therefore I studied and researched to give mythology the utmost importance.

“Annio da Viterbo”: Nanni claimed to have discovered ancient texts, which he used to support exaggerated historical narratives, particularly glorifying Viterbo and Tuscany.

Criticism: His works were later revealed to be forgeries, casting doubt on his credibility. Nonetheless, they were influential in his time, impacting historical and cultural perceptions.