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The Bardi family takes its name from Bardo, an abbreviation of Berardo. They settled in Florence in the area of the Oltrarno where the homonymous street is now located, which in those days was called a pitigloso village due to the misery and dirt of its inhabitants.

The road is very ancient and follows the route of the Via Cassia Vetus which crossed the Arno in correspondence, more or less, of the Ponte Vecchio. With the arrival of the family, and then of those of the hubs and mannelli, this village became one of the most important areas of Oltrarno. The Bardi are one of the oldest and most famous families of Florentine bankers, financed the king of England Edoardo III in the war of one hundred years, who however was defeated by marking their failure.

Curious is the story that happened to Ippolito Buontalenti and Dianora dei Bardi: in 1300 the two were lovers but their love was hindered by the adverseness of the two families. One night Ippolito tried to climb Palazzo Bardi to see the beloved. Discovered and arrested, in order not to dishonor the girl, he confessed to be there to steal. Sentenced to death, he expressed the desire to pass under Palazzo Bardi before being killed.

The girl, regardless of her honor, went down to the street declaring love for Hippolytus and revealing the secret of the appointment, making judges and relatives pity that revoked the sentence and agreed to the wedding.