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Who among us did not focus on watching the beautiful liberty building of Borgognissanti. In the place where tradition wants Sandro Botticelli, the beautiful building built by the architect Giovanni Michelazzi on behalf of a member of the Vichi family, stands among the large monuments of the surrounding area.

The building one of the few examples of Liberty style in Florence, was built instead of a stable around 1911. The little space available leads the structure upwards with the classic sinuous elements related to the large windows that make the architectural context Very graceful. As in a large cathedral, here too the portal is the masters with the various sculptures performed in “artificial stone” (Tuscan company artificial stones) such as dragons that support lamps or human figures with garlands reminiscent of the Greek Hermes.

After hosting Michelazzi’s study, he later became a warehouse of fabrics and embroidery called “Grossenbacher”. To complete everything, the large metal decorations make the Vichi home home unique in the Florentine panorama.