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Each year, more than 15 million tourists witness Florence, a city blessed with a fascinating history and renowned culture. From its foundation in 59 BC to the modern day, it has grown into a bucket list of destinations for an Italy vacation.

During the day, you will get lost in a world filled with ancient relics and mind-blowing artifacts. At night, mouth-watering delicacies served in cozy cafes await you on every corner.

Whatever your passion, the City of Lillie’s has a way of entertaining you from dust to dawn. Tours in Florence cover everything from wine tastings to exhilarating Vespa rides.

If you’re ready to uncover the best places in Italy, read our local guide to Florence tours until the end!

1. Tuscan Wine Tours in Florence

Wine is the only place to begin a list of the best tours in Florence. The grape-infused liquid is as free-flowing as the carefree atmosphere in the region.

The nation produces a staggering 50.3 million hl annually. Some famed brands reside just a short drive from the city.

Santo, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Bolgheri Sassicaia, and Chianti are all nearby. You can sample the flavors of each one on a tour when visiting Italy.

Unsurprisingly, there are countless vineyards and operators to choose from. No matter which one you decide to take, you will savor the taste of Italy. In addition, educate yourself on wines and pairings in the future.

2. Tuscany Vespa Tours

A Vespa is a symbol of Italy and an icon for motor enthusiasts. Over 19 million of these stylish yet functional tools were built since its birth in 1946.

You ladies will be glad to learn that Corradino d’Ascanio designed the scooter for you. Easy access made it manageable for women wearing skirts to ride and climb aboard. You will learn this and more when you book these unique tours.

Tuscany Vespa Tours are much more than just a drive along city roads. This venture mixes scenic views, thrilling activities, and lessons on new ways of life. You will explore the city and its surroundings on this Italian scooter, led by an expert guide.

3. Uffizi Gallery Tour

If you’re an artwork enthusiast, put the Uffizi Tour at the top of your Florence travel itinerary. If not, don’t worry. You’ll be transformed into an art lover after only a few minutes inside this mecca for paintings.

It’s known by many for its outstanding collection of Renaissance art. The historic building was constructed in the 16th century to house government offices.

The gallery is home to an extensive collection focusing on Italian Renaissance masterpieces. Some famous works include Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Botticelli. Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” and “Primavera” are arguably the most celebrated works.

Tours run at different hours. However, the museum is open from 8:15 to 18:30, and it’s best to get in early to avoid the crowds.

4. Florence Food Tours

No Italy vacation is complete without indulging in a tasty food tour!

Food is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the boot-shaped country. It is the most renowned cuisine, serving classics, like spaghetti carbonara, and sweet treats like tiramisu.

Florence is the country’s fourth most popular city with tourists. Therefore, there are several tourist trap eateries dotted along its cobblestone paths.

On one of Florence’s Food Tours, you will experience life as a local and sample authentic dishes. More so, your guide will give you tips on which restaurants to visit and what to avoid in the future.

5. Pisa Day Trips

What do you think of when you hear Pisa?

Most people consider Pisa a tower slanting a bit too much for comfort. Although you will discover one of Italy’s great wonders here, there’s much more to see and do in the city.

Pisa is wedged between the bustling lanes of Florence and the tranquil waters of the sea. Only 80 km or a 1.5-hour drive separates two of Tuscany’s treasures. With a tour guide, you can sit back, relax, and let the operators do all the planning and navigating.

From the moment you arrive, you will sense a wave of excitement and upbeat energy in the air. The university hosts 50,000 students, creating a lively bar and restaurant scene.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Cattedrale di Pisa, and the Tuttomondo Mural will be on every top guide’s itinerary.

6. Myths and Legends of Florence

With a city boasting over 2,000 years of intriguing history, it’s no wonder there are countless myths. Our tour gives you an insight into Italian history and keeps your senses on alert.

Some of the most notable stops along the Florence Walking Tour are:

The voyage takes up to two hours, winding the streets from Santa Maria Novella Church to Pitti Palace. In between, you will experience plenty of smiles, stories, and postcard settings. Be sure to fully charge your phone to snap up well-earned likes on Instagram!

Tips are hugely appreciated. But it’s completely free to see the best Florence attractions in a different light.

7. Accademia Gallery and David Tour

The Accademia Gallery has the most prominent collection of Michelangeo’s sculptures on earth. While David is the star, the Accademia Gallery has more to offer. Founded in the 18th century, it concentrates primarily on ancient works between 1300-1600.

Explore the collection, which includes other sculptures, paintings, and musical instruments. Noteworthy works include “Rape of the Sabines” and “Madonna and Child.”

If you’re going to Italy and want a unique or romantic evening, witness David at night. After hours, you can admire the statue in all its glory without the herds of tourists.

Experience the Best Tours in Florence on Your Upcoming Visit

Make the most of your venture if you’re lucky enough to visit one of Europe’s most sought-after spots. Tours in Florence are designed to educate, fascinate, and give an unforgettable experience.

Fortunately, there are plenty of trips to keep you entertained. Unfortunately, Florence is popular with tourists, so excursions sell out fast.

Avoid setbacks and book your free walking tours in Florence with Florence Free Tours now!