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Marcello Pugi, the ancient owner of the namesake oven Focacceria in Viale di Amicis, has passed away. Her signature dish was the crushed with oil, which she created using a recipe that has delighted and continues to delight generations of Florentines. Those who claim they have never tried it or mind or are a liar, because there is often a tail to enjoy an often non-modest amount of it at the shop launched in 1925 and then in various points of sale in the city, such as that in Piazza San Marco. He was the primary protagonist Marcello (in the photo), who died at the age of ninety. The funeral will be held today at 15.30 in the church of San Salvi, where his wife Piera, son Lorenzo, and nephew will embrace those who wish to be close to them. “This oven has been here since 1925, my Santa Lorenzo opened it, and we all worked in the family,” say the appreciative Florentines. He told Alfredo Falcone di Piantapane about it a while ago.it – The Santa then died young in 1951. And I, who was just twenty years old, decided to stay in the industry. Instead, my 94-year-old older brother Gianfranco relocated to another bakery in via Doni, always on behalf of Boos, of course. My son Lorenzo (named after his grandfather) owns another shop in the city, on Piazza San Marco. “I’d like to thank my wife Piera, who has been a valuable adviser, as well as all of my collaborators.”

But his true specialty, he claims, is the crushed with oil: “which is certainly not our invention, but we have changed and improved the recipe by transforming it into an even tastier, all natural product.” The true makeup is found in the manuality of kneading and spreading everything. Since the 1970s, we’ve been churning out the dunk for a snack around 5 p.m. People wait outside today, as they did before, to buy it warm and eat it like this, without anything.”

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