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The houses were full of humidity, there was no heating. The windows and doors, with a thousand drafts, did not close well. So, in the middle of a poor dinner, these damn windows wide open to the cold wind of the winter. The beds, they mortified sleep, especially in winter because they were soaked for humidity. The only consolation, it was the fact of sleeping in a bed even in four: two from Chief and two from foot. This was how it was used to do, to be hottest and to compress the little space available.

All this to introduce the famous San Frediano broth broth. What does the tripe broth have to do with it? It has to do … it has to do with why, the only antidote for the above was the nourishment. This black hole in the food space was soothed by the hand of a saint: San Brodo di Trippa. Why Sant Broth of Tripes? Well … I am jokingly say this but, behind … behind it is not a great petty thing this, it’s the definition, since, if we consider saint who has made miracles and given love for others during his life, I am not so much outside if I call saint A substance, which gave all this by nourishing a people. How did this dear nourishment obtain?

With various gutters: tripes, legs and lampredotti. They were boiled and then sold to the famous tripes of shops or street vendors on the barrels of cantonata. Now, let’s see the place where the cooking of this goods took place. It was an narrow warehouse in via dell’Orto where there was a large boiler to stay inside in four people. After cooking, the smell or stink, as someone said, also traveled in the thick of the adjacent roads. At five in the evening … the people of San Frediano, with pot or flask, entered the entrance hall. At the center was the boiler overflowing of the broth left by the tripe. Greasy, claimed by everyone, because it was said to do well to health. He floated on the surface in the dimension of ten fifteen centimeters.

Of course it can be said that in San Frediano, he did not suffer from the liver. People were lower than the large boiler. On three steps stood a big woman with the face of health, good -natures and smiling, severe with the boys. (Because I did casino) His name was Emma, the woman of miracles. She, he dispensed the nectar for two money just. The broth was very hot, kind, captivating, together with rice and cabbage, the dinner was already ready. Those who did not have the rice, not even a little cabbage, threw the dry bread if there was, to make it found inside the warm broth. Anyway: done full, the body did not roar … press the bed inside, the dream began.