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A query regarding a collection of marble sculptures in an outside niche of the Orsanmichele cathedral that were created by Nanni di Banco. The austere layout of the sculptures resurrects elements of Flavs’ Roman art, including the perforation method used to create the hair, which was influenced by emperor portraits. The consuls of the art of the stone masters and timber, of which he was a part, commissioned Banco to create the four sculptures of Nanni that were placed in a niche and were fashioned of Apuano marble between 1409 and 1417. Three marble blocks were used to create this group; the two to the viewer’s right are carved as a single block on a marble semicircular platform that comprises the niche floor, in the hoof flanked by the corporation coats of all. An intricate poly-chrome inlay made of Prato green and blue glass paste adorns the niche ceiling. The base’s relief depicts laboring bricklayers, slabbed, and stonemasons dressed in period attire. The sculptor, positioned on the right, completes the picture of a nude putto devoid of wings. Furthermore, as you can see for yourself, this marble group’s peculiarities are undoubtedly all inserted into the niche. But how was this possible? This technical experiment was greatly admired by his contemporaries, to the point where the great Masaccio re-proposed it in his painting of the homage in the Brancacci del Carmine chapel in S. Frediano. Vasari mentions an incident involving the challenge of performing the group of four, and he writes a critical message to Nanni Di Banco about Donatello’s fictitious assistance. and he describe the situation in this way” “under this niche they are in another four marble saints, who were made to the same Nanni by the art of the blacksmiths, woodshops and bricklayers; and it is said that, having finished them all round and stuck from each other and walled up the niche, that they did not enter the effort inside If not three, having in the appliances of them to some open arms, and that desperate and discontent, he prayed to Donato that he wanted to repair his misfortune and his little warning his warning, and that he gave ridicate of the case he said: “If you promise to Paying a dinner to me and to all my young people of Bottega, gives me the heart to let the saints enter the niche without annoyance nobody “. Donato sent Nanni to conduct specific actions in Prato and to complete some other stores over the course of a few days after he made a voluntary agreement to do so. Following Nanni’s departure, he contributed together with all of his followers and galzons to go to work. He then scanned the statues, putting his shoulders and those of those he greatly armed at each other, so that when he approached them jointly, one of them seemed to have one hand over the other’s shoulders. Therefore, once Donato’s judgment brought them together, it exploited Nanni’s mistake in a way that allowed him to remain walled up in that location while yet exhibiting very clear signs of harmony and fraternity. Those who are unaware of this are blind to this error. It is unfortunate that the statues that Donatello had to approach are actually carved from a single block of marble. Nanni discovered upon his return that Donato had fixed everything and remedied every disorder. For this, he is eternally grateful to him and his creation.