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At Carnival in February Florence is transformed with many weekly activities. But one of the most famous and unique things in Florence is the typical dessert the legendary crushed to Fiorentina. Or how the citizens of Florence love to call in slang Stiacciata of Florence. Let’s see the origins of this ancient traditional dessert of Florence. This name look like to have origin from the red of the eggs, yolk, that were crushed inside the bowls where the compost were mixed. But the original name in the one thousand eight hundred was crushed greased. Thus called her Pellegrino Artusi ” scenza in cucina e l’arte del mangiar bene, Science in the kitchen and the art of eating well”publisced in 1891. He is considered the father of Italian and Tuscan cuisine of origin. He lived in Florence for a few years where he wrote his book on Italian cuisine. Going back in time it turns out that before it was called crushed of the walled. This name deriving from the cloistered nuns of the walled. It seems that this dessert was part of the utimate meal served to the condemned to death of the city of Florence. This is the original carnival dessert of Florence and the Florentine…

Recipe and ingredients…

Ingredients for a 35×28 cm rectangular pan (dose for 12/15 pieces of cake)

For the leavening:

-150g of flour 0 with

12g of protein (w320)

-150g of slightly warm milk

-9g of fresh brewer’s yeast (3g if you use dry yeast)

-1 teaspoon of honey For the dough: -The leaven

-300g of flour 0 with 12g of protein (w320)

-2 medium-sized organic yellow-fleshed eggs

-70g of sugar -80g of butter at room temperature

-a pinch of salt

-a pinch of nutmeg

-a pinch of cinnamon

– untreated orange peel For the cream:

-250g of milk

-2 yellow-fleshed organic egg yolks

-20g of corn starch -60g of sugar

-Lemon peel

-a teaspoon of vanilla extract

-200g of cream already sweetened to add to the cream

-plenty of powdered sugar to sprinkle

– bitter cocoa as required