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From manifestation of republican power first and then Medici, reserved for the scampols of the noblest and most popular families, to popular tradition par excellence of Florence. From ball game that took place in many other cities in the Middle Ages, to the element of the Florentine DNA. With a cancellation of over two centuries that changed its soul but paradoxically made it more real precisely because it was reinvented. In short, a true invention, a “legend” that like all legends has profound elements of the territory it expresses.

Modern Florentine historical football – resurrected by the fascist regime, with the arbitrary invention of the neighborhoods and four colors, which are nothing more than those of the tricolor with the coat of arms of the Savoy – will turn 100 years of 2030 and for the first time it was at Center of an anthropological study, an interesting research published by Olschki. The book is the Florentine historical football. The result of a long work in the context of a project by the Central Institute for the intangible heritage, which understood many interviews, focused both on the football and on the members of the historical procession. And that starts from the history of the event, including the famous match of the siege in 1530, played in Piazza Santa Croce under the canons of imperial troops who wanted to end the Florentine Republic to bring doctors back to power, as happened.

It all starts in the fifteenth century (Dante does not speak of it for example), when similar games were played in half of Europe, but on the shore the Arno the game gradually takes on a characteristic importance in social, political and ceremonial life, even if it was played with The ball is also in Prato, Livorno and Pistoia, and in the sixteenth century the game reserved for aristocratic families and as a show of power is identified with Florence. And with a paradox, after the siege game of February 17, 1530, the doctors, the new gentlemen in which he had been playing, if they speak and make it an instrument of affirmation of their power and for everyone, also for foreigners , the game becomes “typically Florentine practice”. And after the glories two centuries long, the link with the doctors will make him disappear and then forget under the Lorraine, starting from 1737.

If you interested to know more about this particular event come with us in our tour our guide talk about this specific event. we are running a free walking tour of Florence from Santa Maria Novella square . meeting point in front of Minerva hotel, pleas book your tour. in our tour we are covering the most important monument and site of Florence.

Florence, February 17, 2024

In Piazza Santa Croce at 15.00 Florentine historical football.

The siege match is back On February 17, 1530, the city was besieged by the troops of Carlo V, because they wanted to bring the Medici family back to Florence, a costume football match was played to deride the enemy. The Pressio match is an indispensable appointment because it remembers the day of the Florentine pride and allows those who love Florence to review the historic Florentine football players. The entrance to the event is free.