The complaint was included in the “drum” (mailbox of the time) of Palazzo Vecchio. He bore accusations of sodomy towards the figure of Jacopo d’Andrea Salterelli goldsmith and also ….. “part of many miserable and consensus affairs to please people who require such evil from him”, and of four other people involved: the Sarto called Baccino, Leonardo da Vinci, the goldsmith Bartolomeo of Pasquino and the scion of the Patrizia Leonardo Tornabuoni family. All the accusations were rejected and stored, perhaps also for the person of the Tornabuoni for which the scandal was avoided in all the ways.

The fact would take place in the noise of the hole still existing in the center of Florence. It is a small road composed of alleys that intersect with each other, a stretch starts from via Lambertesca beyond the Piazza dei Salterelli and arrives in via Vacchereccia, while the other stretch reaches the Chiasso dei Baroncelli. The name derives from one of the many taverns (Osteria del Buco) located in a kind of underground or basement called “hole”. In the Middle Ages, especially in Florence, some confraternities and companies had the custom of finding themselves in these basements to consume snacks or banquets of various kinds, the tradition continues today just think of Buca Mario, Lapi or S.Giovanni.

Among other things, we also know the names of two chefs who worked in this tavern: Antonio di Gherardo and Piero di Frosino. Despite the various explosions of the German mines who have destroyed many buildings, in the years of the reconstruction most of the structures have been reconstructed so as to recreate that atmosphere typical of past times.

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