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Spring and a promenade at the farmhouses imposes itself, also because it is not only leisure and good air between the vegetation, but also history. The green strip populated by olmi, lime trees, holm oaks, ballars, plane trees, cedars, pine trees, faults, poplars, horse chestnuts, gingko … was born as a hunting reserve and agricultural farm in 1563 for Cosimo i gods. Cows were raised that produced the Cascio or Cacio, whence the name Cascine. With Lorena they were open to the city in particular circumstances linked to court events such as marriages and the chronicles report of seventy thousand people afflicted for a wedding party in 1787.

With Lorena there was also the construction of the royal building in 1785, of the Fountain of the oak, of the pyramid used as a deposit of ice, the amphitheater and the various stone lions that stand on their pedestals. With Elisa Baciocchi the farmhouses were opened to the public and the cave of the friar were later, in the garden of the chain and above all a monument that became the symbol, i.e. the monument to the Indian Rajaram Chtttraputti who had in fate of dying For an infection in Florence and whose ashes were scattered right at the confluence of two rivers, the Arno and the Mugnone, as prescribed its religion. And the Sferisterio, the Velodrome, the Hippodromas for making sports in the green. We also had and has neglect and degradation but this is another matter and the Medici Grand Dukes or Lorranes cannot be blamed for this.

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