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Not everyone knows that Lisa by Antonmaria Gherardini alias Mona Lisa, was born on June 15, 1479 in via Sguazza a crossbar of via Maggio. He married the tender age of 15, very normal for the time the silk merchant, Francesco di Bartolomeo of Zanobi del Giocondo. Our Mona Lisa (abbreviation of Madonna-Signora) has been made immortal, thanks to her portrait painted by Maestro Leonardo da Vinci, thus becoming the most famous woman in the world over time. And so it was that on June 15, 2013 the artist Franco Bini on the occasion of Monnalisa Day in collaboration with Associazione via Maggio placed a frame with the image of Mona Lisa and a plaque in memory below it inside.

Here was born immediately a problem, or the wrong location of this image in memory of Leonardo’s model, as the director of the Ideal Museum of Vinci, Alessandro Vezzosi explained that the road is right but the building is wrong where it was placed L work with plaque. In fact, according to the land register, Palazzo Michelozzi had to be the building in front of being the native house of Mona Lisa. If you like this story about one of hundreds that we have here in our town, come to visit our beautiful city. Our Florence free tour start from Santa Maria Novella square in front of Minerva Hotel. there you will met our official and expert tour guide.