Perhaps not everyone knows about the existence of a corridor that starts from Palazzo Pitti performes concludes near the Galileo Tribune in the Specola Museum. This architectural space was to be the “appendix” of the famous corridor of the “Prince” or Vasarian. We are talking about the so -called Pocciantini corridor, it was made by Pasquale Poccianti in 1820 to allow Ferdinand III to have a connection with the adjacent Palazzo Pitti, thus creating an uninterrupted route that allowed him to arrive at Palazzo Vecchio through the Vasarian corridor.

Although the Pocciantini corridor is currently closed by a wall, its interior is not equal to the world because of the largest Italian herpetological collection, approximately 67 thousand specimens in jar containing formaline (aqueous solution to 35-40% of formaldehyde, used as Disinfectant, deodorant and conservative of organic material) for conservation, arranged in the oak wood shelves of Saxony who in the past have welcomed the books of the Library of Agriculture. Along the walls, covered with wooden shelves that reach the ceiling, thousands of glass jars containing reptiles (about 40 thousand) and amphibians (27 thousand) are aligned all meticulously cataloged based on characteristics, place and year of collection. It is the fifth or sixth collection of this kind in Europe, but the first in the world, higher than the British one, as regards the species from Somalia and Horn of Africa, and for this reason capable of attracting scientists from every corner of the planet, which spend long study periods in the corridor. The corridor ends with a suggestive “secret” passage that leads to Palazzo Pitti through a small room, now closed, which is accessed by moving a part of the shelving. Another little jewel hidden in the “casket” of Florence.

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