At the beginning of the eighties of the fifteenth century he decided to leave Florence to move to Milan to the court of Ludovico il Moro. Leonardo brought with him a silver lira with whom he played and sang in front of the Milanese court, arousing the applause of all the bystanders (the man really knew how to do everything). To celebrate the event he painted the image of a handsome man who holds a score in his hand on which the verses of one song are not written, but an acronym: “CAN-AN (G)”. Bizzarini correctly noticed that the so-called musician of the painting is not a musician or a profession of profession but someone who delighted with great ability in singing. The musician is actually only Leonardo in his first self -portrait; The acronym Can-Ang must be interpreted as Cantor Angelicus, cryptically referred to himself and therefore his airtight signature is to be considered.

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