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Near S.Trinita Bridge in front of the Palazzo della Missione, we find a nineteenth-century building which on the ground floor houses some commercial shops (copy shop and ice cream shop). But looking carefully we see some pillars camouflaged by the color of the facade emerging from the crushed grey-beige ashlar.

The first larger one similar to a “pillar” (pillars contained in a wall and partially protruding) was submerged by various elements such as the house number n.4, a bell, some plaques, the second intact and faceted in the middle of the copy shop, the third reduced in size is located between the windows of the Santa Trinita ice cream shop, unfortunately the fourth which was supposed to be in the corner of the ice cream shop no longer exists. These architectural elements were part of the Frescobaldi loggia who had their home in front, a testimony is documented by a fresco by Giovanni Stradano in Palazzo Vecchio.

The painting depicts a small loggia with people sitting inside, and the upper part covered by a tiled roof. During works in the 1970s, the columns of the loggia came out of their long hibernation and since then, in memory of the ancient construction, they were incorporated into the more modern building.