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In the ancient Villa della Torre degli Agli, Giovanni Panciatichi he created a splendid Italian garden for the Ozi. His main attraction was the citrus fruits that were grown both in pots and in full ground. Here the gardeners experimented with new crops so in 1644 a strange, bizarre fruit appeared in the form: it is the Citrus Aurantium “Bizzarria”, an agromo born from the crossroads between lemon, orange and cedar and so particular aspect to be considered bizarre. In fact, it presents itself Bitorzoluto and with longitudinal bands of different colors, from green to yellow and orange.

This fruit arose so much sensation that it was described by the doctor, biologist and naturalist Francesco Redi in a letter to Cardinal Leopoldo de ‘Medici in 1665, was designed by the painter Baldassarre Franceschini called the Volterrano in the seventeenth century and in 1674 the Florentine doctor Pietro Nati, Director of the Botanical Garden of Pisa, he even dedicated a booklet. The fruit of the bizarre were lost and at the beginning of the twentieth century it was now disappeared until Pietro Galeotti, citrus expert, in 1980 discovered a sprig with three leaves other than the others: it was the bizarre, which was not seen almost a century in the world!

After making the grafting these particular citrus fruits three years later and now they can be found in the lemon groves of the Boboli garden, the Medici Villa di Castello and in the Botanical Garden of Florence, as well as being able to buy them in specialized nurseries. In memory of this discovery in the Novoli district there is the street named after the Bizzarria garden