Florence Free Tour

Walking on the streets of Florence, via dei Neri area, famous for the sandwiches place, Antico Vinaio is the small road that cuts via dei Saponai with via dei Neri.

He took his name from a fourteenth-century locanda-hotel managed by the Bernardini family, who had a gold glove used as a sign as an coat of arms. Hence the toponym of via Osteria del Gualnto (or of the Equanti- Albergo de’quanti- Alberghi- good rest), a small street dedicated to the “accommodation facilities” over the centuries.

A nice seventeenth century tabernacle placed on the side of the House of the Gazzeri family (main entrance in via dei Saponai n.14). The setting in Serena stone almost supported by the figure of a cherub with wings. Inside a polychrome bas -relief.

The bas -relief depicts the Madonna and Child who supports the sphere of the world. Below the now worn coat of arms of the commissioners of the work or the Ubertini di Fetto (the coat of arms is made up of two golden stars divided by two blue bands in the silver field).

On the opposite side of the street on the corner with via dei Neri, we find another small tabernacle with a plaster copy of Antonio Rossellino inside, depicting the Madonna and Child.