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In Piazza S.Croce, on the side on the corner with via dell’Anguillara there was a door hinges (small secondary door of the city walls usually adjacent to the main door) called the “Garbo” name taken by a surname of a family that had some houses nearby.

Such postners was important because they were located in the areas of those agglomerations of houses that over time became real villages, this in particular became in the first municipal circle (XI-XII century) a door called D’Isola d’Arno, because of the channels that formed a kind of islet where there is now the Basilica of S.Croce, in addition to filling the ditches to protect the walls.

He was later called the Porta di S.Simone for the proximity of the church dedicated to the saints Simone and Giuda, certainly important for travelers from Valdarno, and it is precisely looking at the Basilica of S.Croce on the left we can still observe in its original position the card of the thirteenth -century door of S.Simone.