Florence Free Tour

How many of us passing sideways to the Cathedral and precisely on the left side of the tribune adjacent to the “Cafè de la Paix” seeing the large carved door did not exclaimed: what a nice door.

In an ancient residence of the work of S.Maria del Fiore, the well -known architect Adolfo Coppedè created his study in the building and personally cared for the restoration of the entire structure, while the friend Umberto Bartoli asked for the construction of a “modern” door (1930-32).

But always linked to the medieval tradition of the city. The large 4 -meter high oak door divided into eight carved tiles, the first two at the top represent the Florentine symbol of Marzocco with Giglio, the two below; On the left the season of spring and on the right that of the summer, under them the rampant lion tiles on the left stand out while on the right an eagle also rampant, to conclude the latest tiles or that of the autumn season on the left while the winter season on the right. To complete a series of re -reinforced nails, the mighty structure of the enormous door are strengthened.

The sculptor Bartoli summarizes those Liberty currents and deceives in a simpler and more essential lines without taking anything away from the great medieval sculptural tradition, different currents concentrated in this testimony of the twentieth century.