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A sensational match, really difficult to forget. Those who were there will be able to say that they have seen the game between Azzurri and Rossi.

With the former in advantage 7-3 and now started to victory, there has been a sensational red comeback that led to the 7-8 final after the regulatory times ended 7-7. It seemed made for the Azzurri who had opened the dances with the 1-0 of the first hunting of the game.

It is the second consecutive title for the reds, but this really will not forget this. In the end there was also the invasion of the fans, peaceful, festive, for a day to remember.

Florentine historical football lived a memorable day, with the comeback victory of the Rossi. They lost 7-3, win 7-8.

And to say that the Azzurri had shown a great domain in certain stages of the game, especially with Andrade and De Castro above all to lead the game. The hunt from afar Marcelli is sensational. But something in the end broke.

The blues lose security starting from the 7-4 red hunting with factors. Then it is a red monologue until 7-7 and then to 7-8. The blue expusion made a contribution. The reds were in fact in the last minutes in numerical superiority.