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Grand father of cricket in Florence

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The current via Giorgio La Pira once was called via del Maglio. The name of the street took its name from a tool consisting of a long wooden handle and an iron head, this was used (Fabbri, Bottai …) in a fashion game in Italy over the XV-XVI centuries, but in special way in Florence. The fame of this game will cross the sleeve in the following centuries, arriving in England where it will give rise to the cricket and golf. This discipline of the game of the “palmaglio”, “Pallamaglio” or “ball to the maglio” was practiced in the seasons where the good weather allowed this game on flat land.

Between the convent of S.Marco and that of S. Domenico di Cafaggio then called in the Maglio, of the Dominican nuns from Pian di Ripoli gave the handwritten or Pinzochere of penance, there was the necessary space to be able to play this “sport”. This path without homes allowed great play with the Maglio, that is, hitting a wooden ball on the style of the modern golf. After the length of the field in which to play, the two participants began to hit the wooden ball behind the “departure” line, trying with the least number of shots to arrive at the previously established line. Sometimes also the critical situations caused by violent shots against the wooden balls also happened, you know the shot is sometimes not precise and it can take directions to the questionable, so much so that there were injured both among the players and in the “spectators” or passers -by near the game area …

“In 1487 Michele Vieri dottissimo young delight of the scientists called Il Verino died beaten by a ball giving the Maglio …” Given the danger of this game, the Grand Dukes forbidden his development, The name of the road or “Via del Maglio” remained of this ancient tradition and the name of the neighborhood that from Piazza d’Azeglio to Piazza della Libertà took the name of the Maglio. The structure with a pyramidal shape built in 1634 was also called “Torrino del Maglio” because near the homonymous road, thanks to a hydraulic pump and to the venerated, this structure made it possible to distribute water from the heights of Pratolino to the Florentine fountains. During the various works to make the city of Florence more “beautiful and European”, the Torre del Maglio and the walls were destroyed … Too bad !!

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