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Sanremo Free Tour
San Remo Free Tour

San Remo, town, Liguria region, northwestern Italy. It is the chief resort of that part of the Italian Riviera known as the Riviera dei Fiori, east of Nice, France.

A year-round health resort since 1861, its repute was greatly increased by the visit of Frederick III of Germany in 1887–88. In 1920 the town hosted an important post-World War I Allied meeting regarding the disposition of territory formerly held by the Ottoman Empire. The old town on the hillside has steep narrow streets with 13th-century houses, the 12th-century cathedral of San Siro, and the sanctuary of the Madonna della Costa (15th–17th century). The new town on the coast is characterized by handsome villas and hotels, gardens and scenic promenades, and the casino. The small seaport is sheltered by a 4,000-foot- (1,200-meter-) long mole and overlooked by the old Genoese Fort of Santa Tecla. San Remo has the most important flower market in Italy and exports blooms to continental Europe. Olives and lemons are cultivated. The Sanremo Music Festival, a song contest held annually in the city since 1951, is one of the biggest events in Italian popular culture. Pop. (2015 est.) 54,807

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