Florence Free Tour

Almost everyone knows that Florence during the Renaissance period was very famous for various activities including that of the arts with and sculptors, architects, painters, who gave prestige to the city of Florence up to our tear. But not many know that Florence besides the artists was also famous for spices and in particular for some pharmacies led by friars of various orders scattered throughout the city. One of the most famous is that of Santa Maria Novella in via della Scala, led by Domenican friars. But there were also other pharmacies, one of the lesser known but always important for the city and for its stria was that of Santissima Annunziata, led by the Benedictine nuns, who directed the hospital of Santa Maria Nuova. Near them in a former textile factory had been set up for the first time in the thousand and sixteenth centuries, spice shop or rather a modern pharmacy as it would be said today. But only in 1561 the Speziale Domenico di Vincenzo Brunetti enrolled in the art of doctors and Speziale transferred his business to those premises. The beautiful furnishings that we currently see of the seventeenth were decorated later in the 1700s. The old tradition continued over time, in 1876 the circular sign depicting the scene of the Annunciation was placed above the entrance door, a name which was then given to the pharmacy or “Spezieria in the name of the Most Holy Annunziata”. The denomination of SS.Annunziata pharmacy will be coined in 1935.

this nice place is full of many products more or less famous, in 2021 for the 460 years of foundation of S.S Annunziata Pharmacy made a special collection, with a particular fragrance with the name Anniversary.

However if you want discover more about Florence and all its secrets and particulars location and traditional shops of Florence come with us. We are organizing a Free Walking Tour in Florence, where with our expert guide you will have the possibility to discover many original locations with very unique streets, buildings, about artist and their lives. our meeting point it’s in front of Grand Minerva Hotel, in Santa Maria Novella.