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In Florence, the best Fiorentina crushed is eaten at the Gilli Caffè in Piazza della Repubblica, a historic place that won the 2024 edition of the competition dedicated to the traditional city recipe. But in this sweet top 3 there are also other “sacred monsters” of taste. The contest, which has been taking place for 17 years now and is organized by the House of the In the and Festival of the pastry shops, has seen the participation of over 50 realities between pastry shops and ovens of Florence and its province. Among all the requests 30 finalists were selected. The Top 3 of the best Fiorentina crushed The race took place on February 8 at the Da Saba restaurant in Florence: each finalist brought 3 crushed to Fiorentina, in the classic or stuffed version, and the experts tasted the desserts without knowing the creator, assigning a vote from 1 to 10 to each slice.

Then the verdict: only the top 3 was revealed.

So here is the podium and who won the competition “The best crushed at Fiorentina 2024”:

Caffè Gilli, Piazza della Repubblica Firenze Centro – 92 points

Pasticceria Giorgio, via Duccio di Buoninsegna Florence Legnaia – 82 points

Pasticceria Vannino, via Vittorio Emanuele (Calenzano) – 65 points

Caffè Gilli also obtained the technical jury award, formed by the Pastry Chef Raffaele Musacco, Alessio Guastini, Massimo Cortini. But the event, sponsored by the Gigliato Municipality, also had a beneficial end because about sixty crushed to Fiorentina made available by the organizers were sold on free offer. The proceeds, 730 euros, went to the foundation of the Meyer pediatric hospital.