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The royalty placed after three and a half years of accurate restorations are reborn. The nineteenth -century environments of the royalty placed on the ground floor of the Vasarian complex and behind the Loggia dei Lanzi, are ready to host the Uffizi restaurant. The announcement is on the launch pad, the menu already defined. While waiting to know the name of the chef, the end of the restorations was celebrated in the presence of the Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano.

What will the Uffizi restaurant be like The announcement for the assignment of the restaurant will be published in the coming weeks. The menu, explains a note, will be a tribute to Tuscan and Italian cuisine: high cuisine dishes not to say starry. An area will be intended for pastry.

To access for lunch and dinner at the restaurant, which will have its own entrance to the Uffizi square, they will need the ticket of the day or the annual subscription. The real posts, until 2016 occasional exhibition exhibition of exhibitions, will keep this function. In rotation there will always be a work selected by the museum deposits.

History and evolution of the royal post office The central post offices, active until 1917, are one of the great works of Florence Capital: they date back to 1866 and are the work of the architect Mariano Falcini. Yesterday as today they are located in the west sector of the Uffizi complex, in the area once occupied by the Florentine mint.

The art-green food combination For the director of the Uffizi Galleries Eike Schmidt, “it will not be yet another restaurant in the city, but a space paused in the museum, to integrate the visit. Also open in the evening, this diaphragm between the Uffizi and the exterior will combine the gastronomic pleasures with the refinement of the nineteenth -century architecture of the real posts. And precisely to remember the Italian unity, apart from the Tuscan choice, dishes from various regions of Italy will be proposed, as well as in the museum, according to the conception of Luigi Lanzi, are the masterpieces of the various regional schools of the peninsula “.

According to the Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano “the binomial between culture and good food is what has made Italy great in the world and it is natural that it is re -proposed to the Uffizi, in a context of great prestige that is thus returned to the community after years of closure”. And he added again: ‚ÄúThere must be many pieces that go to compose the notion of beauty. It is also a great development opportunity for our nation. Italy has two large pillars, the company and culture. Italy has had a great past, and we must be consistent and at the height of our past. For my part, the closeness is effective. “