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Here it is …. the special train of the “Buffalo Bill Wild West Show” is coming from Rome, the long convoy of dozens of wagons for the equipment and different 1st and 2nd class carriages, stopped. The station is semi -deserted, apart from a few porters, the agents of the company that act as interpreters with the various unloading workers. After a while, men and women begin to come out, who are part of the show, finally the Mexicans and the Native American in their picturesque flies, wrapped in lively blankets, with almost covered faces. In a very short time the horses, bisons and mules of Texas take the wagons, the operation of the animal unloading lasts thirty minutes. Cowboys, the Indians and the Mexicans on horseback began to walk towards the meadows of the mint, together with all the attendants of the show with their equipment. Quickly the covers for the public and the large fence for the show were arranged. Well yes, Buffalo Bill also arrived in Florence with his show in 1890 and 1906, the shows were made in Piazza d’ Armi (Campo di Marte). Many Americans who were part of the company took accommodation in various hotels in the city, while the Native American and the others camp in the pratoni della Zecca where today the Baldissera barracks are located in front of the San Niccolò bridge.

In 1883 William Cody aka Buffalo Bill created the “Buffalo Bill Wild West Show” a circus show in which battles were recreated between cowboys and the Native American, assaults on the diligence and hunts to the bison, etc … A poster of the time advertised the great event in Piazza d’ Armi on 1.2 and 3 April with two daily representations, which would take place “whatever time” at the price of L.1.2 or L2.5 per Seats, 4 and 5 lire for reserved and 8 lire for the stages. An imposing show was announced with 1300 between men and animals, the Italian tour in Florence was: 12-20 March 1890 and 1-3 April 1906. By the way, small curiosity, our hero during his show challenged people in shooting with the rifle or mounted horses, and precisely on one of these occasions, or a challenge in the break of the foals in March 1890 which he lost against Augusto Imperiali a “buttero ” of the farm Pontine … our Buffalo Bill is good …

If you like this original story about the city of Florence, you can come with us to discover many other unique stories that we have in this original city. We are running a free walking tour from the square Santa Maria Novella. Our Florence Free Tour it’s the original one from 2009 with expert guide, official guide of Florence. So book your tour and come at our meeting point, that it’s in front of Minerva Hotel, next to the Santa Maria Novella Church.